Moira Zahra


It's a good thing my job isn't blogging...

...because I can't seem to do it very often. To be honest, I would rather spend my time drawing, however I find it's good to gather the work that I have done every few weeks / months and observe how it's changing, and (hopefully) evolving.

In the past couple of months I haven't just been drawing, in fact I've also been doing some comic writing, which is funny because I'm no writer. I've always wanted to have my own little gag comic, and yet none of my previous ideas felt good enough to actually develop. was a little experiment that I had started with my partner, Mark Scicluna around two years ago. We had stopped producing this webcomic around a year ago but decided to go ahead with 'Season 2' since this month, because apparently some people  like to read it! Both Mark and myself were doing illustrations on the first Season, but as often happens with two illustrators working on one project, one ends up having to adapt to the style of the other. Mark's style was much more suitable to the type of comic that we were doing, so this time round he's drawing and I'm writing. 

Our snazzy new website designed by Mark Scicluna & Developed my Maria Stellini

Below is the Autumn 'Indulge' Magazine cover that I've illustrated. Have to say this is my favourite one so far!

One of the bigger projects I've been working on recently is the illustrated branding of this year's National Book Festival (Malta) along with my friend Ruth Ancilleri. This is still on going and there's still some work to be done, however the idea was to have a bike loaded with books drawn in different media to reflect different readers & also hopefully appeal to different readers.

The thing about doing drawing on the side and having a full time job is that one never has time to draw as much as they want to! I did manage to produce two drawings that were not commissions but just cool little ideas that I wanted to put down on paper. These drawings have left the studio and found a home, which means it's time to produce some more work...

And so, below is a work in a progress.. one of many drawings that I'm working on at the moment. I feel inspired, and that's all the matters :D