Moira Zahra


The Year of the Book!

Another day, another project! I have finally posted my drawings for SARTO website on my portfolio page. It's so nice to finally close a big project and seeing it live. This summer and the coming months in general I will be working on children's book illustrations. Many... many illustrations, but that's ok because I've come to realise that children's books are fun to work on! 

I've never worked so much on sequential illustration and it has to be said that drawing for stories poses newer challenges than say, drawing for a poster or for an ad campaign. You have to be able to construct a composition with characters, backgrounds, text.. the reader has to know what's happening but as an artist, you must strive to be experimental in your work and make it look great and fresh at the same time. Working on books tests your perspective skills, your proportions, your colour choices, well... everything all at once. Having said that, it's really fantastic to be able to create a character from a paragraph. That's actually my favourite part, bringing an author's character to life.

Unfortunately I can't post any work from this project since it's still under construction and yet to be published, but I will update my portfolio with probably my most colourful work yet as soon as the books are printed and published!

In the meantime, have a look at the fun illustrations I did for SARTO! Just click the image below to go to their live site!