Moira Zahra


Oil Painting!

Oil painting value study of a female hand

Around 10 years ago acrylics made me hate painting and I decided that so called 'traditional' painting was not for me. There's just something about their plastic-y finish that I find a little flat and cheap. I can't blame it all on acrylics though, I'm not one who likes to get her hands dirty, hence why I'm more of an illustrator and get more drawings / sketches done rather than paintings. Yet, I've always wanted to try oil painting because it gives pieces such a rich finish and a beautiful texture that is hard to achieve with similar media. So together with my husband I've decided to start taking oil painting classes, and funnily enough we are being tutored by an ex-graphic design student of ours! Best decision I've ever made. There is so much to learn and Luca, our tutor, knows the subject inside out, so much so that I can see myself turning into an oil painting nerd. 

Best of all though, I have a couple of ideas in my sketchbook that I am just itching to paint in oils. I do have to be a little patient since I'm just starting out and there are still plenty of mistakes to be made.