Moira Zahra
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Fashion Inspired Drawings

My favourite illustrators are indeed fashion illustrators like Gruau, Erickson, Warhol & David Downton. I'm very much into their expressive lines and their ability to reduce the human body to lines, colour and texture. When i sketch for fun I tend to sketch in this style. I generally skip the pencil, go straight for inks and brushes, and trust in my hand-eye coordination to create random, dynamic figures.

"Blog Me, Draw Me!"

"Blog Me, Draw Me!" was a project I did as part of 'Design Sorbet' a creative lifestyle blog. In this project I drew female bloggers from across the globe (all with the blogger’s permission)

Media: mixture of charcoal, indian ink & digital colouring in Photoshop

The prints were sold during Patches Market and from Blush & Panic boutique in Valletta, Malta.


"Runways With.. " was another project I did for 'Design Sorbet'. Here I sketched specific items of clothing / visual elements like extra large scarves or block colours from several runway shows of that particular season. Media: ink & digital colouring

"RunWays with..."