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Behance Portfolio Reviews at Pure Concepts - October 2015

Last week I spent my Friday evening reviewing portfolios and doing a short presentation at Pure Concepts Design Studio. At the end of the event, together with other reviewers I chose the top 4 portfolios and they were rewarded with a Behance Badge. I've been a tutor for the past 6 years so I'm used to judging work, but this was extremely difficult because some of the work at the event was truly outstanding, and those that weren't, had great potential! I was also happy to see a nice number of budding illustrators at the event with promising work. 

With the Pure Concepts design team and creatives who were also doing portfolio reviews.

BPW Careers Day, Verdala Castle - Malta March 2015 

So glad to have joined 99 other professional women to talk to secondary school girls about their career. It was a pleasure talking to girls who are interested in illustration, digital arts and gaming amongst other professions.


Global Game Jam, University of Malta - February 2015

Entered this year's Game Jam and worked with an amazing team to create 'Ephemeral'. Here's a description of the game by our script writer, Jean Brincat: Two beings plummet simultaneously towards their death. Letters and faint lights tumble along in the background. How will they deal with this predicament?

Couldn't be happier that we won 'The Most Unusual Game' title! We were definitely going for a more abstract game, watch the video of the gameplay below:

A Space Boy Dream on Vindictive Jukebox - April 2014

'A Space Boy Dream' creators were invited to select a playlist for the online radio show 'Vindictive Jukebox' on All Rock Malta 

Picture by Manolo Dingli

Picture by Manolo Dingli

Picture taken by Eleonora Rose Abela

Picture taken by Eleonora Rose Abela

Xebgha Nies Exhibition, St.James Cavalier - Valletta February 2014

"Xebgha Nies"

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 13.43.22.png

From February 21st until March 30th, St. James Cavalier, Valletta will be hosting Xebgħa Nies, a collective exhibition of nine Maltese artists. The general subject is portraiture, however what can be expected is a unique take on an assorted set of interesting characters. From the man enjoying a pastizz and sips of Kinnie, to the mustachioed twins and everyone in between, you definitely won’t resist falling in love with this lot.

Participating Artists: Debbie Caruana Dingli, Andrew Diacono, Steve Bonello, Marisa Attard, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Paul Scerri, Mark Scicluna, Moira Zahra and Saviour Baldacchino.


Trevor Zahra will be delivering a short and undoubtedly humorous introductory note.

The exhibition was made possible with the support of: Halmann Vella Ltd, Lovage Bistro, Ecco, and St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity..

Articles and reviews:


Malta Comic Con, St James Cavalier - Malta December 2013

"We bought stuff, we chatted with artists, we watched movies & in general spent a day geeking out happily while the floods gathered outside. Since then, I start looking forward to the Con from the end of October, and this year was no exception – particularly as the guests keep getting better and better every time."

Let there be the Con - Ramona Depares

Live Drawings with Mark Scicluna, Palazzo De Piro Mdina - Malta July 2013