Moira Zahra
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Sketchbook (Various) 2015

Sketchbook (Various Projects) 2014

"Xebgha Nies" Sketchbook 2013 - 2014

The sketchbook below shows my process for "Xebgha Nies" exhibition starting from the Summer of 2013 - February 2014. (Mixed Media)

"Roofbird Project" Sketchbook 2014

Roofbird Project was a temporary collaborative project with 2 of my friends. In our ‘Roofbird Project’ sketchbook (The Literal English translation for ‘Ghasfur ta-Bejt’, a common Maltese bird) we explored the topic of everyday life as a concept for our artwork. Each of the artists kept a sketchbook where they draw, print, paint, write and generally explore everyday life in a multitude of ways, and each in out own way. 

"People and Cats" Sketchbook 2013 - 2014

"Sketchbook Chicks" 2012

'Sketchbook Chicks' is a project I did for 'Design Sorbet', a creative lifestyle blog. Sketchbook chicks represent contemporary girls and their careers (or lack of).

Media: Ink & digital rendering in Photoshop