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Charity work

Long story short - I found myself living in Edinburgh, well for the moment anyway. All I know is that since I've been here I've just been drawing like mad! It must be the change of environment I guess, or perhaps it's the unpredictable weather. 

I've given this website a much needed revamp. The fact that my work, which is highly visual, was organised into a list under 'projects' was annoying me quite a bit. How does one know which project interests them just by reading a piece of text? A question I should have asked myself a while ago. Another problem was the fact that I draw something everyday (well... more or less) so it was becoming difficult to organise all my work into a restrictive 'project'. The new website layout is more visual and it shows my most recent work, even if it's just a one-off drawing.

The Charly character -

The Charly character -


The working theme for the past couple of months was definitely charity for me. I've recently come to realise that I can use my artwork to help others either through sponsorship or selling work for charity. I'm not a huge believer of 'creating awareness' by posting illustrations on Social Media. I like to see results! So this past month I collaborated with Charlene Mercieca, a Breast Cancer survivor who founded 'Glamourosity' a website that aims to inspire those who have been through tough and dark times by offering the generosity of others. I illustrated Charlene's cancer journey and it was such an eye opener. Although we hear of Cancer quite often, I don't think many people realise the emotional and physical pain that comes along with it. What really got to me was the helplessness that one feels when going through the illness, and it surely takes a lot of courage to stay sane and positive.

Another illustration that I've finished just this morning is being sold to help the Amatrice victims. I'm doing this as part of a collaboration with other designers and illustrators. The collective is also partnering with SOS Malta to donate the money derived from the sales of the pieces. The fund setup by SOS Malta will support the building of one of the wooden homes to be designed by Renzo Piano. 

The theme of the collaboration is 'hope' and building bridges. Boy that was a hard one. How do you sum up giving someone hope in one illustration, without it looking superficial, and also making it attractive enough to be sold? Well, art is all about sending a message after all, and if it fails to do that, then it risks becoming 'pretty' but useless. I will post the illustration soon after it's made public. I'm very happy with how it turned out so I hope it will generate a good response.